Berry's Estate
Berry's Estate 25404 Hanover street, Dearborn Heights, MI 48125
Wireless Internet
Connect all your devices wirelessly.

Extremely Fast Comcast wireless Internet with 150Mbps download speeds and 25Mpbs upload speeds.

Connect to MOTO7E12-5G and the Password is : f5ws20a4f0 
Private entrance
You may enter from the backdoor using your phone. Simply download the August Lock app, send me a text message to 313.674.6664 and I will grant you access. I will also leave a private key for your bedroom on the bed near the towels.
Free parking on the street and in the private yard near the garage.
You may store any additional luggage or bags in the garage upon request.
You and your guests are welcome to use the yard, be sure to enjoy your time at the Berry estate, Let me know if there is anything I can do to ensure you have a 5-star stay.
Pets allowed
Pets are welcome in the yard, the dogs are welcome to use the doghouse and the full yard. Make sure to close the gate for their safety.
Living Room
The living room is a shared area which you are welcome to use at your leisure.
Air conditioning
Central A/C. Speak directly to your assistant Alexa for temperature control from the comfort of your bedroom by saying, "Alexa, set the temperature to (the desired temperature) 60 degrees." Near the fridge is a manual control dial
Speak to Alexa, "Alexa, set the temperature to (the desired temperature) 69 degrees." Or simply near the fridge control the dial to a temperature. In the utility closet you will find an electric heater if additional heat is desired
A Keurig coffee machine is available in the master bedroom or if you rented the guest room on the first floor coffee is in the kitchen :)
Smoking is permitted on the balcony or in the private yard near the ashtray.
Pots, pans, cups and silverware are just some of the amenities that you are welcome to use.
Hot tub
If you rented the private master bedroom, you are welcome to use the Jacuzzi. Fill up the tub just barely 2 inches above the jets. Push down on the button near the water control handle for a few seconds and the jets should turn on.
A bathtub is available in the shared bathroom, there is two bathrooms so enjoy your bath with no time rush.Or simply enjoy the Nebia shower experience, a shower of the future with a mist experience.  
Hair dryer
In the utility closet you will find the hair dryer that you are more than welcome to use.
In the utility closet you will find two irons that you are more than welcome to use.
Shampoo and conditioner are available in each bathroom that you are welcome to use.
Three towels are in your room and more are available in the utility closet. A bath, wash, and shower towel are on your bed.
Apple TV or Google Chromecast come with your room which gives you access to Youtube, Netflix or almost all other streaming devices. If you rented the master bedroom a movie theater projector is included which streams on the wall.
Laptop friendly workspace
You are more than welcome to enjoy the workspace in your room or on the table near the fridge and if the weather permits, the outside table.
Hangers are available in each closet. If more are needed please notify me and more will be provided.
Board games such as chess, taboo, and backgammon are just some of the available games that can be enjoyed. They can be found in the living room
Table Tennis
A full tournament size ping pong table is available if requested in the garage that I can give you access to, anything I can do to ensure you have a 5-star stay =]
Bon Fire
Enjoy a bon fire outdoors in the private yard, extra wood is sold within walking distance.
Family/kid friendly
Families are welcome to use the living area for family gatherings, as well as the big yard that children tend to love.
Babysitter recommendations
Many local babysitter are available.
Baby bath
You may use the tub in the shared bathroom or the private tub if the Master bedroom is what you rented. 
Baby monitor
A baby monitor can be easily set up, if you need help ask me and I will do whatever is possible to ensure you a 5-star stay.
Emergency Contact
Dial 911 for any serious emergency. Call me if you would like at 313.674.6664. Or contact the local Dearborn Heights police station at 313.277.6770. Also in the utility closet is a fire extinguisher and an emergency aid kit.